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31 01, 2023

Radio creation at ENS Louis-Lumière


The call for application for the “Sound Documentary International Intensive Summer Programme” at ENS Louis Lumiere is now OPEN!

Radio creation at ENS Louis-Lumière2023-01-31T10:07:25+05:30
23 12, 2022

Summer School programme La Femis


This course equips young directors or film students with technical knowledge and training to perfect their documentary filmmaking skills.

Summer School programme La Femis2022-12-23T12:14:01+05:30
15 06, 2022

Screening of Notre-Dame on Fire


PVR Pictures holds special screening of “Notre-Dame on Fire” in association with the French Embassy

Screening of Notre-Dame on Fire2022-12-23T12:17:30+05:30
7 11, 2021

Call for entries – La Fabrique 2022


La Fabrique Cinéma is a tailored program helping talented young directors from emerging countries increase their international exposure.

Call for entries – La Fabrique 20222021-11-07T12:27:46+05:30
11 09, 2021

Women in Cinema


This charter aims at fighting sexist representations, sexual and gender-based violence and harassment in the film, radio, TV, music, and video games.

Women in Cinema2021-11-07T12:39:58+05:30
11 09, 2021

Shoot the Book 2020


The event is designed for professionals of the Indian film industry – to provide them with the opportunity and to meet with French publishers.

Shoot the Book 20202021-11-07T12:41:17+05:30
11 09, 2021

Training & Exchanges


Being the homeland of cinema, France offers world-class training not only in cinema, but also in sound, animation and gaming.

Training & Exchanges2021-11-07T12:49:20+05:30
11 09, 2021

French content


We collaborate with festivals and content markets to facilitate the screening films and the acquisition of content in India.

French content2022-06-15T17:14:12+05:30
11 09, 2021

Coproducing Films


France has various international programmes and funds to discover new talented filmmakers and supporting their film projects.

Coproducing Films2022-06-15T17:20:20+05:30
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