The audiovisual industry is changing rapidly with the digital revolution giving opportunities to new and developing technologies to reach a wider audience.

The French Institute in India implements a new approach in order to offer French programs not only to the general public but also to professionals and to strengthen the link between the two industries through co-production, distribution and shooting of films.

Keeping up with the industry trends and supporting the evolution of the audiovisual sector, France offers excellent education and training in the disciplines of film and other audiovisual expressions like animation and video games.

We facilitate

  • Being the homeland of cinema, France offers world-class training not only in cinema, but also in sound, animation and gaming.

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  • We collaborate with festivals and content markets to facilitate the screening films and the acquisition of content in India.

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  • France has various international programmes and funds to discover new talented filmmakers and supporting their film projects.

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  • We can help you in planning your recce, find the best locations, crews and deals to shoot your next film in France.

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News & Activities

  • La Fabrique Cinéma is a tailored program helping talented young directors from emerging countries increase their international exposure.

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  • This charter aims at fighting sexist representations, sexual and gender-based violence and harassment in the film, radio, TV, music, and video games.

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  • The event is designed for professionals of the Indian film industry – to provide them with the opportunity and to meet with French publishers.

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MUBI French Film Festival

French Films with MUBI

January 20 - July 31

MUBI is partnering with MyFrenchFilmFestival 2022 to bring four fantastic French films.

MyFrenchFilmFestival 2022

January 14 - February 14

MyFFF is the world's first online French-language film festival. With English subtitles. Watch and vote for your favourite movie.

Dharamshala International Film Festival

November 4, 2021 - November 10, 2021

One of our favourite film festivals is back again this year from 4th to 10th November! Check out the French films “Feathers” and “The End of Love” supported by us this year!