Cultivating a multicultural community and an openness to its Indian host country, its language and its traditions, LFID offers its students –from France, India and other countries– an education that maximizes their academic potential and nurtures them as future citizens.

The Lycée Français International de Delhi, established in 1962, is part of the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE), a network of 535 educational institutions in 139 countries. The school currently enrols over 250 students from 40+ countries, speaking more than 25 languages.

In Grade 12, students graduate from high school with a French Baccalauréat diploma (known as le Bac) which is recognized in the majority of countries around the world, including India. A holistic learning experience at the highest standard is provided by a dedicated team of expert teachers.

Our mission, as board members, is to attract more students of all nationalities. Regular cooperation with Indian cultural and educational institutions ensures close links with the local community.

Decidedly French & rooted in India, LFID prepares students to become future citizens of the world.