EFIS is the French school in Chennai that offers the opportunity for students (from the UKG to class 10) to study, according to the official French program, while opening to Indian culture by being welcomed in the prestigious Indian School SISHYA.

The kindergarten and primary school EFIS are approved by the AEFE (the Agency for French Education Abroad). This means that it is open to French children residing outside France but also to students of other nationalities. It respects the programs applicable in French public educational establishments and guarantees compliance with their educational model as well as quality. Classes are taught directly by French teachers in French. A program in French as Foreign Language (FLE) is dedicated to any student who needs additional support in French language.

The middle-school and high-school EFIS (to class 10) offer a complete French program, respecting the Official Instructions of the French National Education, with full class registration CNED for the supports and the follow-up. A team of experienced teachers provides classes and personalized support for students to class 10.