What is English Language Assistants programme?

The English Language Assistance Programme is offered by the Ministry of Education and is managed by (FEI) France Education International at the international level, and in India, by the Embassy of France/ Institut Francais. The programme enrols around 100  Indian students from Alliance Française or Indian universities for teaching English to French students at French Public Institutions. The programme allows Indian students of Indian universities/Alliance Française to get acquainted with the French language and civilization while sharing the authenticity of their own language and the wealth of their culture.

Duration of Posting: 

7 months, from 1 October to 30 April of the next year.

Role of English Language Assistants:

The assistants assist the English professor by teaching English to students in French schools. Being integrated into the schools, they have to familiarize themselves with the educational practices and have to build an educational offer in compliance with the directives given by the English professors, introducing and making students understand Indian culture, also learning and apprehending French culture etc.

Live in France and benefit from a valuable professional experience!

  • The applications for the next year will be open in October. In case of any change, we will post updates on this page whenever relevant.

Descriptive of the programme: Click here!