The French-Indian Centre for the Promotion of Advanced Research (IFCPAR OR CEFIPRA) is a unique instrument created in 1987 to increase scientific and technical cooperation between French and Indian researchers. The joint chairmanship of the IFCPAR Board of Directors is held by the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE), and the Indian Ministry of Science and Technology represented by its Department of Science and Technology (DST), both of which fund the center equally to the tune of 3.1 million euros per year. IFCPAR funds collaborative scientific research projects, mobility of researchers from both countries, as well as R&D projects involving the academic and industrial sectors.

From 1987 to 2020, 556 collaborative research projects, 169 joint seminars, 37 industrial projects and more than 3,650 visits of students and researchers have been funded. CEFIPRA also manages the Raman-Charpak PhD mobility program (stays of 2 to 6 months), co-funded by the Indian DST and the French Embassy in India.

Apart from its own funding programs, CEFIPRA has been entrusted since 2012 with an increased role as a catalyst for French-Indian cooperation, by promoting the involvement of French and Indian, public and private organizations, companies, foundations and institutions willing to develop ad hoc bilateral R&D cooperation programs. In this context, CEFIPRA publishes and manages their calls for projects, acting also as a partner to help the implementation of these partnerships.

CEFIPRA support two types of projects:

Collaborative Scientific Research Programme (CSRP): CEFIPRA supports high quality research through collaborative research projects in advanced areas of basic and applied science. The project should include one partner from France and one from India. Funding is up to 200 000€ (1,7 crore INR)

Industry-Academia Research & development Programme (IARDP) : The project proposals that can be submitted in the framework of this program should preferably involve at least one industrial partner and one research institute each from India & France (2+2 Model). Funding is up to 300 000€ (2.5 crore INR).

In addition, training and workshop can be provided by CEFIPRA, in order to initiate cooperation among French and Indian Scientist in topics recognized as relevant by the two nations.