The Indo-French Centre for the Promotion of Advanced Research (IFCPAR, or CEFIPRA) is a model for bilateral cooperation in Science and Technology. The centre, established in 1987, receive equal financial support from the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India, and the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, Government of France. It promotes collaborative research between India and France in cutting edge Science and Technology.

As a single window for the scientific community from both countries for application to R&D grants, it permits great visibility, easier monitoring and control, and avoids multiplicity of bureaucracy.

CEFIPRA can manage public or private Indian or French funds, coming from foundations, universities, companies, ministers, donors, etc. On the basis of its 27 years of experience in funding projects and seminars, and responding to the industrial needs of Indo-French cooperation, CEFIPRA evolved and launched a comprehensive strategy addressing industrial competitiveness and R&D-led innovation.

Four programmes:

1. CEFIPRA Blue Sky is the regular activity mutually funded by both Governments in science and technology.

2. CEFIPRA Innovation promotes research in the development of new processes, products, solution design, etc. Funded by any public or private organisations, foundations, universities, companies, ministries, donors, etc. In this window, the nature of the call for proposals (projects or seminars) is targeted calls in a two-step proposal submissions as for example (step 1) submission of a 2-3 pages concept proposal describing the objectives, methodology, potential impact, budget; (step 2) after in-principle approval from CEFIPRA, preparation of a detailed proposal with the expected outcome, the role of partners and detailed financial implication.

3. Targeted Programmes offer the possibility to Indian and/or French scientific partner organisations to use CEFIPRA for administering their collaborative projects and/or seminars. It can be funded by any partner organisations (including universities, foundations and companies) and possibly, the DST and/or other Indian and French Funding Agencies or Departments. The nature of the call of proposals consists of targeted calls identified/defined by stakeholders. For each targeted call, a dedicated steering committee including representatives of the partner/stakeholder organisation, the director of CEFIPRA, and observers will ensure the effective development of processes.

4. CEFIPRA Support to New Initiatives offers the possibility to Indian and French partners who wish to create a joint research structure (network, joint labs or units), Academic Chairs, Industrial Chair and fellowship programmes to use CEFIPRA for administering their programme for a limited period of time to facilitate its settlement. Funding and Steering committee should be committed to transparency and efficiency of the establishment of such structures.

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