Francophonie refers to men and women sharing French as a common language. Around 321 million people speak French on the 5 continents. Every year on 20th March, we celebrate Francophonie all around the world.

On this occasion, the Embassy of France/French Institute in India, the network of Alliances Françaises and the Diplomatic Missions of French speaking countries in India organize events during the month of March along with many institutions such as schools, universities and cultural centers.

All institutions building a project around the French language in 2023 are invited to register their events here:

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  • 321 million people speak French all over the world. By 2050, this number is projected to reach 750 million.

  • French is the official language in 29 countries.

  • The 5th most spoken language in the world is French (after English, Mandarin Chinese, Hindi and Spanish).

  • French is the 2nd most learned Foreign language in the world, including India.

  • It is the only language, along with English, that is taught in every country worldwide with 93 million students.

  • In the business world, French is the 3rd most used language (after English and Mandarin Chinese).

  • French is the 4th most present language on the Internet (after English, Spanish and Arabic).

  • French is the official language of many prominent organisations such as the United Nations, the European Union, the African Union, the WTO, NATO, Red Cross, FIFA and the International Olympic Committee.

  • The motto of Francophonie is: Equality, Complementarity, Solidarity.

  • The Francophonie flag (just like the Olympic flag) represents the colours of the 5 continents: blue for Europe, yellow for Asia, black for Africa, green for Oceania, red for North /South America.

Every year we celebrate Francophonie in India with as much enthusiasm as the rest of the world.

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Activities of the French network in India

Francophonie Mela – 2023

A unique introduction to the universe of Francophonie, through a wide range of events, including film screenings, musical, dance and theatrical performances.


This contest seeks to raise students' awareness about equality and the fight against discrimination as well as to understand the cultural and linguistic differences in the French-speaking world.

Inspire your French language learners with contemporary songs from Francophone artists!

Francophonie in the World

Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie

The International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF) implements multilateral francophone cooperation at the service of its 88 states and governments.

Célébrons la francophonie au cinéma

Let’s celebrate the Francophonie in March, with a selection of films adapted from literary works that dialogue with Marguerite Duras or Honoré de Balzac.

Sélection “Fête de la francophonie” sur Culturethèque

Culturethèque is the digital library of the French cultural network abroad. Discover the Francophonie Specials on your smartphone, tab or home-screen.

Alors on chante ! – Learn French by singing

To celebrate Francophonie week, the Institut français and What the France (a project by the National Center of Music) are offering to pay tribute to the French-speaking artists of Alors on chante!

Escape Game de la Francophonie

Game to organize in class. It lasts one hour and is aimed at students of levels A1/A2. This game was used during the FrancoTour 2022.

Grand Jeu de la Francophonie

Game to organize in class, it is a little easier to set up than the previous one. It lasts one hour and is aimed at students of levels A1/A2. This game was used during the FrancoTour 2021.

RadioFrance: Journée internationale de la Francophonie

A selection of podcasts from Radio Canada, RTBF, RTS, Outre-mère la 1ère and RFI, to celebrate, the Journée internationale de la Francophonie 2023.

Reports, resources & news

Article: Une Francophonie modernisée et plus pertinente

Article: La ville la plus francophone du monde n’est pas celle que vous imaginez

Article: The French Language Worldwide

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