Your Guide to Study in France

You’re interested to study in France. Congratulations! This experience is going to change your life.
You are at the beginning of a long and fulfilling journey. The first step is to compare and choose programmes, check scholarships and admission procedures, and later visa formalities… We will guide you at every step of your academic journey.

Campus France India

Campus France is a public institution in charge of promoting French higher education abroad and welcoming foreign students and researchers in France. It encourages international mobility and manages scholarship programmes and the alumni network.

In India, a team of 14 Campus France Managers offer free counselling. Find out who is your nearest CF Manager: he or she will help you at each step of your research and procedure to study in France.

Every week, they conduct live webinars on Zoom or Q&A sessions on Instagram, a unique opportunity for prospective students to interact with Alumni and with representatives from French institutions. Register below for our upcoming webinars.

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Students of Indian nationality usually come under the “Etudes en France” or “Study in France” procedure:

  • for application for admission
  • for visa applications as well.

Admission in private institutions

For admission to private institutions, you may contact the institutions directly (Campus France Managers can help with the contact information of certain schools). Follow the school’s internal application procedure.

In this case, you will only need to go through Campus France for your visa application.

Admission to public universities

Contact the public university to know their exact application procedure and deadline. Applications will be processed through Campus France’s “Etudes en France” (EEF) procedure:

  1. Choose a maximum of 1 Architecture school or 3 Bachelors or 7 Masters in Public Universities. Students can look for courses in our catalogues for Bachelor’sMaster’s and English-taught programmes
  2. Bachelors: Apply between November and February. Masters: between November and March.
  3. Get in touch with your respective Campus France Desks.
  4. Create your Campus France File online.
  5. Add on your ”Basket of courses ”: List of courses chosen + Motivation in English/French depending on the medium of instruction.
  6. You will then be called upon for an interview anytime between November and March. Bring along a receipt of Rs. 16,500/- application fee (as directed by your Campus France Desk)
  7. Your Campus France Desk will then send across your applications to the universities chosen.
  8. Once the universities start to reply, select your university among those that have “accepted” you.
  9. Inform your Campus France desk and complete your Visa process by filling the forms sent to you and collecting the NOC from the Campus France Desk.

NB: from Fall 2019, as per a new policy of the French government, international students are required to pay a third of their tuition fee in Public Universities. In 2019, this would amount to 2,770 Euros per annum for Bachelor programmes and 3,770 Euros per annum of Master/PhD programmes)

Finding a programme for yourself is easy! The links below will direct you to our extensive catalogues of English and French taught programmes.

Each programme on the catalogue contains all important details: tuition fee, eligibility criteria, duration of the course, geo-location of the institution, accreditations and a direct link to the Institution’s website as well.

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