Following the signature of the Film Coproduction agreement between India and France in 2010, we are committed to promoting the joint development of co-production projects.

By participating in and supporting events like NFDC’s Film Bazaar and La Fabrique Cinéma at the Cannes International Film Festival, the French Institute in India aims to connect Indian filmmakers with French entertainment, an ecosystem to incubate ideas and partnerships and find co-producers and funding for independent projects.

Since 2020, we have supported 2 editions of the Festival des 3 continents’ Produire au Sud coproduction workshop. Produire au Sud is a workshop focusing on the outline and structure of coproduction within the film industry. The aim is to familiarize young/emerging filmmakers with a variety of key tools and techniques on international coproduction, through group work and individual coaching on their projects.

Indo-French Cooperation in Cinema