We would talk to you about sustainability and fashion, the role of digital fashion in making the sector more sustainable in terms of not just sustainable designs, crafts and fabrics but also employment.

We would discuss the role of the different strata of the textile industry- how are these layers connected? Is this a well-organized process? Can technology help build the gaps? What are the different stages which involve AI- design, manufacturing, marketing? How does AI make traditional artforms like crafts, block-printing, weaving etc. sustainable? Does it add visibility? Does it aid in the preservation of the skill set? How do you combine the skillset of the artisans and technology? Can they be trained? Technology and trends in e-commerce and the future?  How can we obtain exceptional work (X factor) with the operation of AI?

If you want answers to these questions, come in for the conference and interact with our Indo-French experts in AI, Fashion and Design!


Time Programme Speakers
09h30 Opening Consul General of France in Bangalore
François Xavier Mortreuil, Science Attaché, French Embassy in India
09h50 Dr. E. V. Ramana Reddy, IAS, ITBT ministry
10h00 Keynotes AI: Weaving smartly the Future
Mrs Isabelle Moulin (Artistic Director Silk Me Back)
10h30 The Royal Heritage of Silks
HH Dr. Pramoda Devi Wadiyar, Maharani of Mysore
10h45 Coffee break BIC roof terrace
11h15 Panel Discussion #1 e-commerce technology and trends
Mr. Shridhar Marri, CEO, Co-founder,
Ms. Hemamalini Padmanabhan, Co-Founder , Stylumia
Dr. Chiranjib Bhattacharya, Professor, IISC
Mr. Gaurav Bhalotia, Head of Technology, Udaan
Dr. Debabrata Das, Director, IIITB
Dr. Vinu CT, Professor, IIM Trichy
12h30 Special lecture Mr. Mossi Traoré, Fashion Designer
13h00 Lunch break BIC roof terrace
14h15 Talk #1 Machine Learning Innovations @ Amazon.IN
Mr. Rajeev Rastogi, Amazon
14h45 Talk #2 AI for Fashion: From apparel waste to the metaverse
Ms. Chandralika, Mr. Shivang Desai, Big Thinx
15h15 Talk #3 Sustainable Fashion and Industry 4.0
Ms. Avi Keswani, Director, LISAA
15h45 Coffee break BIC roof terrace
16h00 Dr. S K Varshney, DST
16h10 Panel Discussion #2 How can AI impact creativity in Fashion and Design?
Dr. Jignesh Khakhar, Professor, NID
Mr. Hemant Sagar, Entrepreneur, Lecoanet
Mr. Mandar Kale, Professor, Strate School of Design
Dr. Sanyogita Chadda, Regional Director, Pearl Academy
Ms. Anu Shyamsundar & Sounak Sen, House of three studio
Ms. Pavitra Muddaya, Vimor
17h30 End of Day 1
Time Programme Speakers
09h30 Talk #4 Does AI really work?
Mr. Ram Srinivasan, Zasti
09h50 Talk #5 Emerging jobs in AI
Mr. Shridhar Marri, CEO, Co-founder,
10h10 Talk #6 Ethical issues of AI in Fashion & Design
Dr. Tawhid CHTIOUI, President, Aivancity
10h30 Talk #7 Designs for the meta-story world
Biren Ghose, Managing Director, Technicolor
11h10 Coffee break BIC roof terrace
11h40 Demo AI in Performance & Facial Capture
Mr. Hans Van der Sluys, Scan 360 Studio
12h00 Panel Discussion #3 Hand in hand collaboration with Technology for skillset and employability towards a sustainable future
Mr. Prasad Bidapa, Curator and revivalist
Mr. Arvind Chipa, Block printer
Her Highness Trishikha Kumari, Little Bunting
Ms. Devika Krishnan, Advisor to craft-based livelihood initiatives
Ms. Susan Thomas, Director, NIFT Bangalore
Ms. Asha Madan, Lead Designer, Good Earth
Dr. Toolika Gupta, Director, IICD
Ms. Savitha Suri, President, WICCI Maharashtra handloom council
R K Chand, Executive Producer, Technicolor Creative Studios
13h30 Lunch break BIC roof terrace
14h45 Hackathon finale 12′ presentation
3′ Q&A
2′ Jury & Blooper video projection of hackathon
17h00 1′ buffer
17h10 Hackathon Prize Consul General of France in Bangalore
17h15 Closure Dr. Nicolas Gherardi, Deputy director, French Institute in India
Dr. Anupama Ambika Anilkumar, Deputy Attaché, French Embassy In India
17h20 Live French Band Zhané

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