Each city tells a tale, its voices are many – the quaint walls speak of yore, serpentine roads tempt you to places unexplored and the elegant pathway veiled by trees offer a gentle embrace to the new and the lost. Yet, only a few denizens find the city’s voice- oft lost amongst the din of alimentation.

The Living Walls Street Art Fest aims at initiating a conversation between the State and its residents through lively, talking, illustrated and illuminated walls. The central idea is to introduce wall art in all major cities of the heartland state of India – Madhya Pradesh (MP). Alliance française aspires to actively reach out to residents of MP through Wall Art, which can serve as a medium for dissemination of positive ideas and a source of inspiration for the millions who look at them. Wall art is capable of starting a  conversation about anything- as all Art unfailingly does. AF intends to draw in artists from all corners of  MP / India and the world.

City Date
Bhopal 24 – 31 January
Pondicherry 18 – 21 January

Zdey first popped his head into the world in Hong Kong, 1989. Together with his parents, he moved to France in the late nineties. Somewhere around the age of 14, he lived in Paris where started his first experiments with paint and graffiti. The pseudonym “Sodey” was born. After graduating with a master’s degree in finances, he moved to Mumbai, India. Here he leads a  double life. A suit and tie during the day for his regular job, and covered in paint during his nightly spray sessions. This reminded him of the masked character based on the legend of  Zorro, so he created an icon that up until this point plays a role in almost all of his artworks.  Sodey turns into Zdey. He quit his job in 2014 and moves back to Paris to fully dedicate himself to his true passion. Since then, Zdey and his graphical universes have been appearing on the walls of France and abroad…

Visit the website at www.zdey.fr