The diversity and uniqueness of establishments (schools) in the various artistic disciplines, as well as technical training in the field of arts, are the wealth of the French system and its history. France has always strived for creative excellence in all of the arts: architecture, fashion, design, visual and graphic arts, performing arts, to name a few.

Since 2016, the number of Indian students choosing France as their destination for higher studies in the various creative disciplines has doubled, a testimony to what France has to offer.

The French Institute encourages student mobility and academic collaborations between France and India by organising Focus Art in the framework of the Choose France education fair conducted by Campus France.

Co-financed scholarships have been introduced specifically for students wishing to pursue in France higher education in the different artistic disciplines.

The French Institute in India and Campus France India also strive to structure partnerships between French and Indian universities around priority cooperation projects.

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Consult CampusArt, to find out the French institutions offering university level programs in the fields of art and architecture.

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