At the origin of the Rick-Show project, there is the desire to showcase contemporary art films to communities that have little access to artworks in India (remote regions, underprivileged communities, etc.). There is also the idea of reaching out to a wider audience in the public space through a permanent – but mobile – artwork capable of touching the heart of Indians both through its medium and its contents. 

Indeed, Rick-Show is a mobile cinema that fits within a box adapted and transported on a rickshaw. When the Rick-Show is unfolded, all of the elements necessary for the screening and mediation, as well as public seating, “pop up”. Rick-Show, because it brings cinema and independent films to people through an everyday object (an auto-rickshaw), seems strangely familiar because so near and yet so far. Extremely playful, this artwork is nothing but a moment of conviviality after the long months of pandemic without cinema. 

After an art residency in 2020 at the invitation of Alliance Française de Trivandrum, the artist is currently pursuing the project’s production on a distance mode in partnership with the Department of Design of the College of Architecture in Trivandrum. The artwork will be launched in Kerala in February 2022 in the artist’s presence and then will be showcased in Pondicherry, Kolkata and Pune.

City Date
Trivandrum 12 – 13 February
Kochi 16 – 20 February
Pondicherry 26 – 28 February
Kolkata 8 – 10 March
Pune 18 – 20 March

Le Gentil Garçon, aka The Nice Guy, is one of those artists with probably about 1000 or more ideas per second. Enfant terrible of the French art scene who does not wish to conform to the dictates of the art market, this artist explores various mediums: drawing, sculpture, installation, performance, video, etc. Through the eclecticism of his artworks, both in terms of the themes tackled, the means used, and the knowledge and references invoked, he is not seeking a signature effect. Driven by curiosity, he feels the imperative need to do everything for the first and last time in his art. In the end, what interests him is not so much the work produced as the process that leads to it. 

He considers that reality is not given as an unshakeable truth or something meant to be used instantly. For him, the reality is constructed by each individual, according to his own imagination. The Nice Guy is indeed looking at the reality with children’s eyes or scientists’ eyes, which is for him, quite the same process, and asking how things work. By looking at the reality and questioning it, he realised that it is changeable and constantly slipping from our hands. So he decided to stop learning, and, from then on, to invent the unknown.

With an interest in both popular expressions and scholarly practices, and under the guise of lightness, the polymorphous works of The Nice Guy use all available means to try to shed light on our lives. He does not indicate the path to take but reveals with his flickering halo the infinity of possible trajectories.

Today, his work is shown internationally and since 2006, he has also been chosen several times to design artworks for public art commissions.

The Rock-Show project is developed in partnership with the Department of Design of the College of Architecture Trivandrum (CAT). A team of professors and students are responsible for the design and production of the artwork under the guidance of the artist who intervenes on a distance mode from France. 

The Fonds Municipal d’Art Contemporain de la Ville de Genève (FMAC) and Fonds Régional d’Art Contemporain Occitanie-Montpellier (FRAC) are contemporary art funds respectively in Switzerland and France. These two institutions provide the artistic contents that will be broadcast in the device.



FRAC Occitanie-Montpellier