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Let’s take a quick quiz!

Did you walk the streets past midnight? Sat at a roadside stall and had tea? Found a toilet to pee when you needed one? Took a bus without fear of harassment? Lay down in a park and took a nap?

If the majority of your answers are ‘yes’, there is a high chance you are an able-bodied, young man hailing from a dominant caste and religion.

Public space design and its access are not gender-neutral. It is consciously meant for able-bodied, upper caste, young cis-gendered men, who feel free, powerful and in control of these spaces. 

City for all? it’s a project designed to question this design, planning and architecture of cities and built spaces, and our interaction with it, which seeks to disadvantage women, queer folks and the marginalized. 

The project will travel across 36 diverse neighbourhoods across 6 cities in India in order to map the communities’ response to their immediate public spaces. Every map will bring out city-level patterns on how we use our public spaces based on our gender, age and abilities as well as the local diversity of economic background, class and caste. 

A final exhibition will showcase the maps, with discourses, dialogues, public debates and curated walks in each city attempting to give visibility to a much-needed question: who builds our cities, and for whom?

City Date
Jaipur 28 Mar – 3 Apr
Chandigarh 4 Apr – 10 Apr
Ahmedabad 11 Apr – 17 Apr
Pune 18 Apr – 24 Apr
Bengaluru 25 Apr – 1 May
Delhi 2 May – 8 May

Swati Janu is an architect and artist who works on issues of right to the city, participatory planning and inclusive public spaces. She is the Founder of the interdisciplinary practice Social Design Collaborative which was recently awarded the Beazley Design of the Year 2020 in Architecture.

Her approach combines community engagement and grassroots activism with policy advocacy. She was nominated as one of the 15 Young Leaders from India in 2018 for her work in humanitarian architecture. She is currently a Domestic Expert on the CITIIS project led by AFD and NIUA.

An urban anthropologist, Chris co-founded Genre et Ville, an organisation working on territories and urban planning via a gender prism in 2012. Genre et Ville is involved in R&D with city councils, government organisations, schools, urban planners, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights and equal rights societies.

Chris is also a member of EELV the French Ecologist party. As such she offers expertise on equal rights, urban planning, mobility and societal evolution. She is currently a Global Mentor on the CITIIS project led by AFD and NIUA.


March 28
May 8
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