7 10, 2021

What’s happening at IFI Jaipur?


French is a widely spoken foreign language in Rajasthan, in fact it would be no exaggeration to say “the most spoken foreign language”

What’s happening at IFI Jaipur?2021-10-19T20:44:56+05:30
4 10, 2021

#NoCityForWomen contest – IFI Jaipur


Speak up for equal, accessible, inclusive public spaces with the No City For Women contest on World Architecture Day!

#NoCityForWomen contest – IFI Jaipur2022-01-21T10:00:50+05:30
30 09, 2021

France in Jodhpur


A French delegation visited higher educational institutes in Jodhpur to discuss Indo-French cooperation in academic, and cultural domains.

France in Jodhpur2021-10-01T12:02:22+05:30
31 08, 2021

Digital literacy programme for women in Jaipur


IFI Jaipur supports a digital literacy programme for women from marginalised communities in an effort to promote equality.

Digital literacy programme for women in Jaipur2021-09-01T09:19:14+05:30
25 08, 2021

What to do after learning French?


Learning French opens endless possibilities for language enthusiasts, students and professionals.

What to do after learning French?2021-08-25T17:12:04+05:30
24 08, 2021

Partnership with the City Palace, Jaipur


The French Embassy recognizes the City Palace, Jaipur as its "Privileged Cultural Partner", with an objective to offer cultural events.

Partnership with the City Palace, Jaipur2022-02-03T12:07:09+05:30
24 08, 2021

French Survival Course for Students Heading to France


A 25-hour intensive French survival course, designed to make your arrival smooth in France. For students from Rajasthan going to France.

French Survival Course for Students Heading to France2021-09-12T15:28:51+05:30
14 05, 2021

Learn French in Jaipur


The official cultural, academic and linguistic sector of the French Embassy in India.

Learn French in Jaipur2022-10-18T08:43:26+05:30
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