Learning French opens endless possibilities for language enthusiasts, students and professionals.

  1. Teach French across the world: FLE (Francais langue etrangère): become a teacher of the French language anywhere in the world!
  2. Work for embassies, cultural and humanitarian organisations like UN, WHO, Institut Français, French Embassy in India and several other organizations
  3. Work as a translator/interpreter with any international organisations in India, NGOs, MNCs like Google and Amazon or even within the Alliance Française network.
  4. Immerse yourself in French culture, read books, enjoy films and music
  5. Study in France: Although you do not need French to study in universities in France, however, a public university with subsidized fees may need some knowledge in French.
  6. Work within the tourism sector, as guides or travel organisers.
  7. French is extremely useful for those already in business with France: in jewellery, fashion, exports and textile sectors.
  8. Meet new people and make friends speaking a new language