Higher Education in France

France is the prime destination for over 300,000 international students that make up 12% of the total post-secondary enrolments.

France has always been a favourite destination for scientists, managers, engineers, thinkers, artists and writers from all over the world. Many have made it their home. The rich cultural diversity and heritage reflected in everyday life, the high quality of education as also the French State's commitment towards welcoming international students make France an attractive destination for higher education. Also the world's sixth-largest economy, France is the third most popular destination for international students.

France offers students a full spectrum of academic and professional opportunities for an affordable fee. It houses 74 public universities, over 200 schools of engineering, 150 schools of business and management, 120 public post-secondary schools of art, 20 schools of architecture, and 3,000 other specialised institutes and schools in specific sectors such as social work, the allied health professions, tourism, sports, fashion, design, and more.

In 2016, over 4,200 Indian students went to France for higher education. The Embassy of France, through Institut français and Campus France India networks, has launched an ambitious programme to enrol 10,000 Indian students in France by 2020. This objective has led to several developments:

  • Through a University Cooperation effort, 500 premier Indian institutes and universities are connected with French Higher education institutes to develop dynamic exchange programmes;
  • 12 Campus France offices are present all over the country to help Indian students seeking to Study in France to find the best academic or professional programme that can boost their career;
  • 500 Scholarships were offered to Indian students in 2017, a 26% jump compared to 370 scholarships in 2016;
  • Policies have been adopted giving students and alumni attractive short- long-stay visas.
  • France Alumni was launched in India in 2016 by the Embassy of France: an initiative to reunite and reconnect former students from France through a digital platform. The 1,000+ alumni already registered can have direct access to the representatives of more than 400 French companies operating in India, which seek young talent; they are also regularly reunited at Events.

University cooperation +

Developing bilateral cooperation on higher education, science, technology, research and innovation is a priority for France.

In the field of higher education, there are approximately 4,000 Indian students in France, a number that is growing swiftly. France's target is to reach the 10,000 mark by 2020.

Apart from an attractive visa policy, France carries out a twofold endeavour: support to scholarship programmes, and Indian and French institutions for developing inter-university agreements. Several agreements are currently being negotiated (academic mobility, recognition of each other's degrees), while others have been signed to encourage more Indian scholars to study in France.

Scientific and technical cooperation is another key area of our partnership, which was given a fresh impetus with the establishment of an Indo-French Commission for Scientific and Technological Cooperation. This cooperation is based on a unique structure bringing French and Indian researchers and scientists together, CEFIPRA/IFCPAR (Indo-French Centre for the Promotion of Advanced Research), which will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2018. The development of joint research laboratories in promising areas (neuroscience, chemistry); the two French Institutes in Delhi and Puducherry; the research centres and a very strong presence of French research in the private sector (10,000 to 20,000 persons) completes our presence.

Study in France +

The French higher education system is of the best in the world and its degrees are recognised internationally.

All students, irrespective of their nationality, have access to the same benefits: a feature that sets the French higher education system apart!

French institutions figure prominently in the Shanghai Ranking, in Financial Times and Times Higher Education rankings, and also in the Science and Technology Report published by the European Commission.

There are innumerable reasons to choose France! Let's just number some of them...!

  • World-class education
  • France is a highly reputed research hub
  • Learn French and join a fraternity of over 200 million French speaking people across 5 continents
  • Knowledge of the French language gives you access to the French corporate world
  • France offers an excellent quality of life
  • France remains the undisputed cultural capital of the world
  • Internationally recognised degrees
  • 11% of French businesses listed in the top 100 worldwide
  • French is the working language and official language of the United Nations, the European Union, UNESCO, NATO, the International Olympic Committee, the International Red Cross and international courts
  • 20% of the state budget is allocated to education – among the highest in the world

Think different, study in France!

Campus France supports students at each step in their educational journey through France: initial information gathering, guidance in choosing programs and institutions, financial aid (scholarships and other sources of assistance), applying for admission, requesting a visa, preparing for departure, welcome upon arrival, and so on.

Campus France India Network

Campus France India Network includes 12 offices spread all over India: Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kochi, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, Pune. Campus France advisors can help students with:

  • Free Counselling and customised academic guidance
  • Application to French institutions
  • Administrative guidance for scholarship applications
  • Visa information
  • Pre-departure orientation sessions to best prepare a student towards achieving a successful academic and cultural experience in France

Contact your Campus France desk:


Campus France India website

Campus France India website features extensive information on studying in France (including information on applications and student visas), French degrees and training programmes, a powerful search including over 1200 courses and programmes taught in English and many useful tips http://www.inde.campusfrance.org/en

Online application portal: ETUDES EN FRANCE

Students who already have information on studies in France, application procedure and visa formalities may register and create an account and apply to their institution(s) through ETUDES EN FRANCE. This portal has been set up to facilitate the pre-registration process for 250 French universities and grandes écoles and to help students start their visa application.


Scholarships +

Annually, the French government awards 7.1 crore Indian rupees (1.1 million Euros) to more than 500 meritorious Indian students who will pursue a degree in France. This programme is run by the Embassy of France in India for students at the Bachelor's and Master's levels ("Charpak Programme"), as well as PhD candidates ("Raman Charpak Programme", run jointly with the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India).

In the past 5 years, there has been a 17% increase in the number of scholarships offered to Indian students by the French government and other co-financed scholarships with companies.

Visit the CampusFrance website for more information: http://www.inde.campusfrance.org/en/page/french-government-scholarships And download the scholarship leaflet http://www.inde.campusfrance.org/sites/locaux/files/inde/page/11219/Scholarship%20Brochure%20_Feb2017.pdf

Visas +

Depending on your situation, you will require different types of visas are required.

All students, regardless of the level of their programme, can avail of easier procedures.

If you wish to pursue your studies in an institution of higher education for a period exceeding 6 months, you must apply for a long-stay visa for studies. Be sure to apply well in advance and ensure that your passport is valid when you make the application.

Campus France India also walks you step by step through the visa application procedure:

Long-stay visa (more than 90 days): http://www.inde.campusfrance.org/en/page/long-stay-visa-more-90-days

Short-stay Visa (less than 90 days): http://www.inde.campusfrance.org/en/page/short-stay-visa-less-90-days

The Embassy has developed a highly attractive visa policy for Indian students. Visa procedures have been simplified. 5-year short-stay visas are granted to all Indian alumni and also to past, present and future who hold a master's or any post-graduate degree at French institutes. Graduates also have the opportunity to stay on in France for up to two years after the completion of their course and find employment there. More information: redirect to Alumni section

Alumni +

First unveiled in Paris by the French Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development in November 2014, France Alumni is an efficient multilingual digital platform to connect, inform and guide foreign students who have studied in French higher education institutes.

France Alumni – India, launched in September 2016, helps former students acquire key industry knowledge, discover exciting career opportunities, and gain valuable insights on the economic and professional world. Through this platform, the over 400 French companies operating in India, which employ 300,000 skilled Indian workers, can also share information on job offers and internships, develop their brand and recruit Indian talents.

The www.francealumni.fr/en portal enables former foreign students to keep abreast of upcoming events and opportunities. The 2016-2017 schedule includes, among others, job fairs, French Masterclasses, recognition of alumnae, webinars and seminars on topical issues, mentorship programmes, and participation in philanthropic activities.

Visa for France Alumni
  • 2-Year Extension Visa
    An agreement has been signed between the two nations during the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2015. This allows Indian students in France to stay for a period of 24 months: a 12-month visa renewable once for a period of 12 months. Indian students in France can extend their stay in the country beyond completion of their studies (as can French students in India).
  • 5-Year visa
    In July 2013, the Ambassador of France to India decided to facilitate travel to France for all Indian citizens residing in India that have previously studied in France.
    The 5-year visa allows applicants to stay in the Schengen area for up to 90 days, with a 90-day gap between stays. Indian alumni of Indo-French dual degree programs (PG) are eligible to apply as well. Alumni from all generations are eligible. Spouse and children accompanying are also eligible.
  • Talent Passport
    Since Feb 2016, France has established the "Talent Passport," a new type of multi-year residence permit (4-Year) for the most skilled foreigners who wish to live in France.
    It is designed in particular for researchers, artists, employees on assignments abroad, and scientists, as well as internationally-renowned figures. Foreign students who obtain it can more easily work in France after finishing their studies, thus adding to France's international appeal with their energy and talent. Spouses can also benefit from the Talent Passport as they too are allowed to work in France.

Events +

Admission tour: Admission Tours are events where students meet with representatives from French educational institutions: Business Schools, Engineering institution, specialized Institution (hotel management, design, photography, pastry diploma, oenology etc). Registration is free and all are welcome. Students are invited to avail of the free one-to-one counselling, where experts provide first-hand information on study requirements for graduate, post-graduate courses and doctoral students, as well as accommodation and scholarships offered by the French government.

Job Fair: This job fair is a platform for Indian students and professionals who have pursued a part of their education, internship or training in France to explore promising job opportunities. It will facilitate the meeting of potential recruiters with a diverse pool of talented young professionals from top-notch institutes of learning in both countries with multicultural experience, technical and managerial skills, and a solid understanding of corporate environments. Participating organizations at job fairs include Airbus, Air Liquide, Business France, Capgemini, Danone, Egis, French Institute in India, Indo-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Roquette Riddhi Siddhi, Safran, Veolia etc.

Pre departure sessions: Every year, a Pre-Departure orientation session is organised for students about to pursue training in France in the coming academic year. Inaugurated by the Ambassador of France to India, the session takes place along with a scholarship award ceremony. This half-day programme acquaints students to administrative procedures to be completed on their arrival in France, teaching methods used in French educational institutions, through inter-cultural aspects and other relevant matters such as the French Government Scholarship programmes.

France Alumni: Follow the upcoming events from the France Alumni website!

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