StageCraft presents ZOOMED IN!, a collection of five short plays written and directed by Prabahan Chakraborty and conceptualized to be performed only on Zoom. Supported by The French Institute in India, this collective virtual experiment has brought together Indian artists from 2 continents, three countries and six cities.

Come join us as we ZOOM IN ON LIFE while zapping across genres, promising you a virtual treat like no other in this unique anthology of dramatic shorts.

This unique anthology of dramatic shorts has been written and directed by Prabahan Chakraborty.

Show Details

Show dates – 30th & 31st October 2021
Show timings – 5:30 PM and 8 PM
No. of shows – 4 shows

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What happens when one of the friends on a catching-up call is stuck in an unexplainable situation? This comedy answers not just the ‘what next’, but also the ‘why’.

No place like home
A clock-ticking drama where secrets come tumbling out during a heart to heart conversation between two colleagues.

Today, we’ll work in groups
An unexpected meeting during an online workshop leads to a revisit of old stories, with new endings.

Alpha Sierra Danger
Four space travellers are on their way back to earth after completing a daunting mission in outer space. Until things start going very wrong.

This thing called Loneliness
What is this thing called loneliness that grows as the pandemic rages on? A brief exploration of life and hope.