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Providing a “Window To Europe”, 26th edition of the European Union Film Festival to digitally kick-off from November 1. The month-long festival features an exciting line-up of 60 films, in 37 languages across 8 genres.

Do not miss France’s entry this year – Farid Bentoumi’s Red Soil, which Fabien Lemercier describes as ” A pacey, socially engaged, family-focused thriller which follows in the wake of a whistleblower to examine the conflict between the fight against pollution and the defence of economic interests”.


Red Soil

Nour, a young nurse, has just been hired at her dad’s chemical factory. Taking care of the infirmary, she uncovers long-hidden secrets and arrangements between the syndicates, politicians, and industry leaders. Lies about polluting waste, employees being sick, work accidents… Now the young woman will have to choose between her father or becoming a whistleblower…

Madame Bovary

A film based on the iconic and archetypal character from a world-renowned novel by the literary giant Gustave Flaubert.

In the nineteenth century, the widower countryside Doctor Charles Bovary meets Emma Rouault, the spirited daughter of Mr Rouault that is his patient and farmer, and sooner they get married to each other. They move to Tostes and sooner Emma feels bored with the simple lifestyle of her husband. Charles moves to Yonville to please his wife and she feels astonished with the ball of the Marquee. During an agricultural fair, Madame Bovary meets the womanizer Rodolphe Boulanger that seduces her and they have a love affair. When her naive husband falls in disgrace after an unsuccessful surgery of the clubfoot Hippolyte, Emma despises him. She meets Boulanger with more frequency and spends a large amount using the credit with the Merchant Lheureux expecting to leave Charles and travel with Boulanger to Rouen. However, her lover sends a letter to her ending their affair and travelling alone. Emma gets ill and during her recovery, she travels with her husband to see an opera in Rouen, where she meets the young Leon Dupuis that becomes her lover. When her debts with the trader Lheureux reaches eight thousand francs, Emma tries unsuccessfully to get a loan to avoid the execution of the pledge. Hopeless, she takes a dramatic ultimate decision.

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