Project Description

Susie Morgenstern was born in Newark, New Jersey, U.S.A. After obtaining a PhD in comparative literature, she married a French man and became a popular French children’s writer. She has taught for 38 years at the University of Nice and written more than 160 books in French, translated into around thirty languages. She feels her greatest adventure in life has been motherhood and grandmotherhood and raising her two daughters and four grandchildren have been a huge inspiration for her books. After she retired, she created  a one-woman show which toured around the world for three years based on her book «Confession of a fatty ». Late in life, she also studied in the Paris film school, la FEMIS, learning how to adapt her books into screenplays. She currently lives in Nice, France and enjoys every minute of life, mostly spent sitting and writing. She would like to have the time to write another hundred books!

About the book in focus

Lettres d’amour de 0 à 10 

Ernest’s mother has passed away and his father has vanished, so the 10-year-old Ernest has been taken in by his grandmother. These days, his life is totally and utterly boring. An excellent student, Ernest is careful to keep his distance from his fellow classmates. That is, until the day  new student named Victoria turns up. She has thirteen brothers, so Ernest doesn’t impress her much. Yet, quite unexpectedly, she will wake him up from his monotonous existence and force him back to life…

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Lettres d’amour de 0 à 10 

24 Feb – 4 Mar 2023

Delhi, Lucknow, Varanasi