Project Description

Lisa Mandel is a french comic-books author. Born in Marseille, she studied at the École supérieure des arts décoratifs in Strasbourg.  She is known for her kids series (Nini Patalo, Eddy Milveux) as well as adult graphic novels. In 2009, along with fellow author Tanxxx, she won the Artemisia award which is a prize aimed to reward female graphic artists. In 2016 with Yassmine Bouagga she launched Sociorama (Casterman), a nonfiction collection of graphic novels about sociology. With the same author, she has published Les nouvelles de la jungle de Calais (Casterman, 2017), a graphic novel about everyday life in the refugee camps of Calais in northern France. From her manu trips to Lebanon, she has written Un automne à Beyrouth (Delcourt, 2018). Since 2019, she is working on a web-series called Une année exemplaire, where she published one page every day, and relates her trying to get rid of various addictions. In 2020, she launched her own publishing house named Exemplaire.

Book in focus

Brune Platine

One is called Brune (Brown), the other Platine (Platinum). They are partners in the agency they created together, “Brown Platinum – Investigations of any kind.” Their new client, a young girl named Claire said to be looking for her father, Jean-Paul. Troubling detail: she wears around her neck a very old scar, which has recently reopened and no longer closes. Pretty soon the investigation leads Brown and Platinum to the Balkans, where they discover that Jean-Paul’s real name is Vladimir, and he runs a business specializing in assistance to street children. In short, a benefactor. But of course, things are not so simple …


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Brune Platine

23 Feb – 5 Mar 2023

New Delhi, Pune