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A Frenchwoman of Catalan origin, with a degree in political science and a fascination for family ties, Johana Gustawsson lives in London with her Swedish husband and their children.

Johana Gustawsson has made a name for herself on the international crime scene in just three novels. Her Roy and Castells series, with the novels Block 46 and Mör, has been published in eleven languages and is currently being adapted into a TV series directed by Alexandra Lamy. They feature an atypical investigative duo, the cold and dark Emily Roy, a Canadian profiler seconded to Scotland Yard, and true crime writer Alexis Castells. In Block 46, Emily and Alexis plunge into the heart of murderous madness and revive the memory of the Holocaust. Mör, their second investigation, goes to the roots of another evil, nurtured in the shadow of Jack the Ripper. With Sång, they follow the trail of a killer to the Spanish Civil War and the terrible orphanages of fear.

These three novels are published in France by Bragelone.

She released her new novel Te tenir la main pendant que tout brûle at Calmann-Levy.


Block 46

November 2022

India Tour