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India has a variety of unique places: green cities, economically fast-growing cities, heritage sites, and a network of a vast and magical park or natural sites…A comfortable public space makes the main cities of the country, unique places among all the others, where citizens enjoy spending time.

India’s painting scene, over the history, is also a major aspect of Indian culture, with worldwide known artists such as Sayed RAZA and a variety of pictorial traditions that remain part of contemporary Indian society. Its artists are recognized through their originality, the respect of tradition and its unique identity for the storytelling, painting, and colourful aspects.

Considering and celebrating this incredible potential and the interest generated by this artistic practice, the French Institute in India, the network of Alliances Francaises in India, JSW Paints and their partners will pursue the development of a second edition of the WALL ART FESTIVAL. From the 7th of November until the 2nd of December 2022, all the invited artists will aim to make our cities and public space always more colourful and beautiful, through the vision of visual artists.

The 5 wall-artists Kid Kreol and Boogie, Olivia De Bona, Neethi and Mr. Poes will be crossing the country to look for fresh paintings!

From Jaipur to Pune passing by Delhi, Ahmedabad or Kolkata new inspirations and collaborations are waiting for them. From Chandigarh to Bhopal passing by Chennai, Trivandrum, Hyderabad, or Pune they will contribute, with Indian artists and students, to make India always more shiny! 13 cities where our Indo-French teams will become the actors of a new urban storytelling! Join them on their journey all over the country and prepare your pencils and spray cans.


Watch the AFTERMOVIE of the first edition of the Wall Art Fest. 1


Wall Art Festival is a national festival developed in many cities of the country. For the second edition of the Wall Art Festival, the artists will be releasing + 16 projects all over the country.

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