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Donner ma langue au chat“: “The cat got your tongue?”

Idioms are fun expressions that use images and words which would really have no meaning in themselves, except that they convey a “saying” or an “expression” meant to illustrate something by an example.

We have all heard these interesting expressions like ” a bird in hand is two in the bush”, or “all that glitters is not gold”. In French, we use idioms very often, and what’s even better, some of them are very similar to the ones we know in English.

Come, join us on Saturday, 21 August, at 5PM via Zoom, to learn more about French idioms, expressions and words from Maryline LAIDIN, Attaché for Cooperation in French Language, North India. Maryline will talk about French idioms, their equivalents in English, and we will organise a fun quiz at the end to test your knowledge. An exciting prize awaits the winner.

Grab this opportunity to learn French while you have fun. In this special edition of Picnic with a French, organised by IFI Jaipur, the Rajasthan annexe of the French Institute in India.

IFI Jaipur offers French language classes and certifications for the DELF examinations. Courses are accredited by the French Embassy in India and taught by certified and trained teachers, Under the direct labellisation of the French Embassy in India.

Open to all in the age group of 10-15 years
French level A1 or above necessary.

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