Dead people tell tales!
We all love our little experiments with the supernatural and the realms beyond mortal life continue to mystify us here on earth. Join Dr Philippe Charlier, a noted forensic sleuth, on October 1st, 6 pm IST to talk about his work solving mysteries of the dead. Philippe will talk of his studies proving the false relics of Joan of Arc, Descartes’ skull, remains of Lucy and Cro Magnon, dental remains of Adolf Hitler, remains of Agnès Sorel, Count of Anjou, Diane de Poitiers, remains of Napoleon, relics of Louis IX, and the presumed head of Henry IV, among many other interesting cases he has dealt with over the years.

In this special edition of Cafe with a French, come and experience a supernatural session like no other, as we take you on a journey of the dead, which clearly haven’t died.

Free Event. Open to all

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