2 07, 2021

Label FrancEducation


The "LabelFrancÉducation" seal is granted to schools promoting the French language and culture as part of their specific curriculum.

Label FrancEducation2021-09-06T12:05:23+05:30
2 07, 2021

School Exchange Programmes


Programmes in which an Indian Institution coordinates with a French Institution to have a reciprocal exchange between the students.

School Exchange Programmes2021-10-26T14:37:20+05:30
2 07, 2021

Schools for Excellence in French


We provide a framework -based on parameters such as pedagogy, teaching methodology and professional development balanced curriculum for learning French as a foreign language in school. 

Schools for Excellence in French2021-09-06T12:06:09+05:30
2 07, 2021

French in Schools


We provide annual training sessions for the school’s French-language teachers with a discounted cost of French school books and reduced partner rates of DELF examination for your students.

French in Schools2021-09-06T12:07:57+05:30
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