✅ Your school already offers French classes to students.
✅ The entire community – administration, teachers, parents and students – shows a real
interest in foreign languages and French in particular.
✅ Your teachers of French want to consolidate their skills to further improve your
student’s results.
✅ You want to involve your school in a co-working project with Institut Français India and the Alliance Française network in India.

French Institute in India and the Alliance Française network are pleased to offer the programme “French in Schools” as a support system for Indian schools, public or private, which already offer French language courses to their students. 

The goal is to upgrade the quality of the teaching of French in the participating schools.

How? Through ‘French in Schools’ co-construction of French curricula in these schools. 

Our solution: affiliate your school to the ‘French in Schools’ network.

Institut Français India and Alliance Française network has all the legitimacy to work with you to provide, via our cooperation attachés, directors/course instructors and/or educational coordinator, valuable expertise in the construction of French language academic programs.

  • Reduced cost of school material when ordered through Alliance Française,
  • Reduced rate of DELF examination for your students,
  • Reduced rate for your students when they enrol in Alliance Française classes and workshops,
  • Access to Culturethèque (multimedia library),
  • Access to IF Cinéma (a platform giving access to French movies),
  • Invitation for your students to participate in cultural events organised by Alliance Française.

Does your school wish to be a part of this network? Please write to us to share the information on teaching French (students, teachers, books, activities) in your school. 

Public: Secondary and senior secondary Indian schools

Basic requirement:

  • A team of French language teachers.
  • Taught French in at least 3 different grades/classes/levels.