Vibha Galhotra is a New Delhi-based conceptual artist, who works across various mediums, including sculpture, photography, printmaking, video, drawing and text. Her work is influenced by nature, climate change and the anthropogenic issues of our time. Her large-scale sculptural works explore the shifting topography of the world, delving into the impacts of globalization, urbanisation and growth, particularly in the city of New Delhi, India, her home for over a decade. Her work revolves around the ideas of construction, deconstruction, and reconstruction of culture, society and geography.

She has shown extensively in India, New York as well as internationally, with several projects involving local communities and their sites, leading to a range of in-situ works. 

Galhotra is currently a fellow at the Jerusalem International Fellow Program, 2020. She was the recipient of the Asia Arts Future Award in 2019, the Asian Cultural Council fellow in the USA in 2017, and was the recipient of the prestigious Rockefeller Grant in 2016.