Pays: Inde

Ville: Noida


Type de projets: Correspondances, Voyages, Echanges culturels
Date de début de projet envisagée: Mars-2022

Disciplines concernées: Français-Anglais
Âge : 11-16 âge des élèves

Descriptif du projet (motif, idée du projet pédagogique):

As we teach ‘French as a foreign language ‘ to your students from Class 6th to 10th. We are looking for a French school to collaborate on any projects whether it’s a Cultural Exchange, Correspondence or Teaching & learning French/English. ( Through Their culture and traditions).
Through our partnership, both countries students should be befitted in terms of learning about each other culture, languages and traditions.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Noms: Amit Chaudhary

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