Parvati Sharma invited at MEET

Indian author Parvati Sharma invited at MEET, Saint-Nazaire for a residency

Great news for history lovers! Indian author Parvati Sharma will be in residency at the Maison des Ecrivains Etrangers (MEET) in Saint-Nazaire from 2nd September to 27th October 2021. 

The author, who has written across various genres, made her debut with a collection of short stories on love and sexuality in urban India called The Dead Camel and Other Stories of Love. She has also written a novel, Close to Home; two books for children, The Story of Babur and Rattu & Poorie’s Adventures in History: 1857; as well as a historical biography, Jahangir: An Intimate Portrait of a Great Mughal.

Sharma studied literature and history and has worked as a travel writer, editor and journalist. She writes on books and history for various publications and was a jurist for the JCB Prize for Literature, 2019.

Currently, Sharma is working on a biography of Akbar the Great.