Country: India

City: Delhi


Type of projects: Correspondence, Travel, Cultural Exchanges

Planned project start date: May 1, 2022

Disciplines concerned: French-English

Class & Age: VI-X (11-15 year old)

Description of the project (reason, idea of the educational project):

We intend to have intercultural dialogues to empower students with an understanding of the multicultural world and develop a sense of community. We are looking forward to opening and respectful exchange and interaction to foster among the students an understanding of broader vision and attitudes. We look forward to collaborations that enhance a deeper understanding of the interconnected world and build on experiences embrace the global opportunities wholeheartedly and deal with challenges effectively. In our increasingly diverse world, we essentially want students to appreciate cultural diversity and develop a reverence for similarity and multiplicity. We can do the same through Online Exchanges as well as hosting delegations, inviting students to our school and even visiting. We propose to work on exploring culture, traditions, people and places through dialogues and art integration. We are flexible in our approach and open to mutual consent with regard to the pedagogical projects.

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