Sorbonne University X
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, AIIMS Delhi


Create a transversal and multidisciplinary Franco-Indian virtual campus to meet the new and developing needs of our societies, through research in fundamental biology with applications of engineering, chemistry, physics, modeling, applied mathematics, bioinformatics, human and social sciences.

Ongoing Programmes - 2023


  • 2 proposals submitted under CEFIPRA’s Collaborative Scientific Research Programme – Launch of call for applications for and selection of candidates for autumn exchange semester


  • Mobility of 3 IIT Delhi students to Sorbonne Université for autumn exchange semester
  • Launch of call for applications for 1 doctoral contract in Sorbonne Université’s cancerology doctoral programme offered to IIT Delhi PhD students
  • Launch of call for applications for and selection of candidates for spring exchange semester

Upcoming Programmes


  • Mobility of 2 IIT Delhi students and 1 Sorbonne Université for spring exchange semester
  • 1-2 week summer school programme at Sorbonne Université for 5-10 IIT Delhi students
  • Launch of call for joint research proposals for seed funding co-funded by Sorbonne Université and IIT Delhi
  • Industry meet organised with the Indo-French Chamber of Commerce & Industry (IFCCI)
  • Mobility of researchers


  • Launch of 3 dual-degree Master’s programmes
  • iMind (International Master In Neurodegenerative Diseases), Inflamed (Inflammation in Diseases) and Biomedical Engineering
  • Launch of a co-supervised dual-degree PhD programme
  • 1-2 week winter school programme at IIT Delhi for 5-10 Sorbonne Université students
  • Mobility of researchers

Workshops / Events

Spring 2023:

  • Kick-off meeting at IIT-Delhi on …
  • Workshop at IIT-Delhi on …
  • Workshop at IIT Delhi on …

Autumn 2023:

  • Online seminar on Neurosciences
  • Online seminar on Biomedical Humanities