Université de La Réunion Universités de Poitiers, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Université Lumière Lyon 2 X
VIT Vellore, JIPMER Pondicherry, CIMAP Lucknow, NCBS Bangalore


Promote the emergence of a platform around the analysis of the pharmaceutical properties of plants through the application of the most advanced techniques using artificial intelligence and more.

Ongoing Programmes - 2023


  • Launch of 1st cycle (M1) of 1st track of Master’s Programme in Biotechnology with 2 tracks:
    • Specialisation in medicinal plants and phytotherapy
    • Specialisation in computer & artificial intelligence applied to biomedical data

Upcoming Programmes


  • Launch of 2nd cycle (M1) of 1st track and 1st and 2nd cycles (M1 and M2) of 2nd track of Master’s Programme in Biotechnology
  • Launch of 2 summer/winter school programmes alongside workshops in:
    • Medicinal plants and their applications in the fight against infectious and metabolic diseases
    • Infectious diseases, zoonoses and One Health.


  • Launch of sandwich PhD programme in Biotechnology
  • Launch of Life Sciences and Society programme
  • Development of short micro-credit programmes and start-up incubation programme under master’s programme association with industry partners

Workshops / Events

  • Kick-off meeting at VIT on …
  • 3 workshops at VIT on …