What is French Language Assistants programme?

The French Language Assistants Programme offers French students an opportunity to showcase the beauty and richness of French culture and language in India as well as provides them with a prospect to explore the vibrant culture and language of the host country. Student mobility at the European and global levels is an essential aspect of the programme. Additionally, assistants are provided with training and (often) first professional experience.

Duration of the posting: 

The French Language Assistants are posted in Indian institutions for a period of 9 months (1 August to 30 April next year).

Duties of French Language Assistants

The assistants provide aid to students to improve their competitive competence (focusing on oral competence), enrich their knowledge of French culture and civilisation, conduct classroom sessions, initiating/encouraging a language group and participating in organising student exchange programmes etc.

  • Please Note: The French Language Assistants are not full-time teachers and do not replace any Indian faculty member.