Women in Science

A Gender Equality Lecture Series​ on Science

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India and France have been working together for several decades to achieve common developmental goals in the field of science and research. To preserve the heritage of this longstanding collaboration, the French Institute in India has initiated a project to document the scientific partnership between India and France across disciplines.

The prime objective of the project is to revisit and document the common history of science and technology between India and France. The context of the Generation Equality Forum also prompts us to question the visibility of the women who contributed to our common scientific progress.

Women have made contributions to science since the earliest of times. Diverse ideas and perspectives steer us toward progress, toward life-changing solutions that help everybody. For scientific research to be impartial, objective and accurate, diversity and inclusion is inevitable. In these curated talks with experts from many different scientific fields, astronomer and science historian Pranav Sharma explores the unique perspective women bring to the fields of science and STEM.

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