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What do Assassins Creed, Microsoft Flight Simulator and Far Cry have in common? Aside from being blockbuster video game franchises, they are also developed by French headquartered firms. France is home to gaming powerhouses like Atari, Asobo and Ubisoft. French-trained VFX talent has also given the world movies like Ratatouille and Persepolis.

The story of French Animation begins in 1908 with Emile Cohl’s “Fantasmagorie”, the world’s first animated movie and continues today with the Oscar-nominated feature “I lost My Body” in 2020.

Animation, VFX and gaming are quite literally, big businesses in France.

Join us on 15th July as we talk to industry veterans, alumni and animation schools to understand the heritage and the future of the french animation and gaming industry.

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  1. Catriona Murray, Responsable des Relations Internationales, MoPA – L’école de référence du cinéma d’animation 3D
  2. Vinnie Ann Bose, Alumni of École de la Poudrière, Valence, Independent Animator and Background Artist, Director of Short Film “Sulaimani”
  3. École Intuit Lab Paris
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