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French author and existentialist Simone de Beauvoir have had a considerable influence on feminist theory and gender studies around the world. Her landmark book considered the Bible of the feminist movement, The Second Sex (1949) will soon be translated again in Hindi by Monica Singh, with the support of our PAP Tagore programme. 2020 marks the first publication in France of Simone de Beauvoir’s The Inseparables. This captivating unpublished novel from 1954 tells the first passionate and tragic friendship between two rebellious young girls, Simone de Beauvoir & Zaza. Simone de Beauvoir’s adopted daughter, Sylvie Le Bon de Beauvoir, had discovered this manuscript in Beauvoir’s private archives. Beauvoir referred to women as the Second Sex because they always seemed to be defined in relation to men. In the context of the Generation Equality Forum, the French Institute is conducting a debate to revisit the impact of Beauvoir’s works through three generations, represented by:

  • Sylvie Le Bon de Beauvoir, Philosopher and Simone de Beauvoir’s adopted daughter,
  • Divya Dwivedi, Philosopher,
  • Marine Rouch, Historian, PhD student in contemporary history (FRAMESPA),
  • Aditi Maheshwari, Publisher at Vani Prakashan,
  • Monica Singh, the Hindi translator of The Second Sex.

Moderator: renowned Indian translator and Associate Professor of Creative Writing at Ashoka University, Mr. Arunava Sinha.

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