Cendrine Bonami Redler is graduated both with a graphic design’s master at Duperré Applied Arts School and an interior architecture’s master at Camondo school. These studies led her naturally to specialize herself in design graphics with a spatial vision. For 26 years, Cendrine Bonami Redler never stopped drawing. She looks at what we no longer see & preserve what is doomed to disappear. It is in this spirit that she became a teacher, she has worked in higher schools of landscape, architecture and interior design.

In 2014, she published the five-time award-winning book “De baraque en baraque“, a drawing book on the everyday life of people living in a slum in Montreuil (France). Since then, she wrote and draw several other books: “Dans son jus – voyage sur les zincs” (2018), “2054, voyage en transition” and “I never stop myself” (2020).