28 10, 2022

Comment dynamiser une classe virtuelle?


Learn how to make your online classroom more lively and discover how to actively engage your students with interesting activities from the other side of the screen.

Comment dynamiser une classe virtuelle?2022-10-28T16:37:40+05:30
19 10, 2022

Art Explora x Cité internationale des Arts


The programme invites candidates to propose a project that questions the links between art and science as well as the theme of scientific exploration, technological exploration.

Art Explora x Cité internationale des Arts2022-10-19T17:11:56+05:30
26 06, 2022

Indo-French campus for Health


Strengthening the academic and scientific cooperation between France and India around a strategic theme - Health.

Indo-French campus for Health2022-06-27T00:33:42+05:30
21 06, 2022

Fête de la Musique 2022


A multi-pronged online and offline collaboration taking place between June 15 and June 30 to celebrate the occasion around the country.

Fête de la Musique 20222022-06-21T15:39:08+05:30
20 06, 2022

Organiser un débat en classe


Join us for this roundtable and discover the tips implemented by two experienced teachers to encourage learners to debate and argue.

Organiser un débat en classe2022-08-22T17:02:09+05:30
15 06, 2022

Screening of Notre-Dame on Fire


PVR Pictures holds special screening of “Notre-Dame on Fire” in association with the French Embassy

Screening of Notre-Dame on Fire2022-06-16T12:01:23+05:30
13 05, 2022

Celebrating 35 years of the EU Erasmus+ programme


More than 6000 Indian students have travelled to Europe to date thanks to the Erasmus+ programme, showing how much the EU values student mobility with India

Celebrating 35 years of the EU Erasmus+ programme2022-05-13T19:14:35+05:30
3 05, 2022

Paris Book Festival 2022


Paris Book Festival, France's main literary event, was held in Paris - and welcomed India as its guest of honour country.

Paris Book Festival 20222022-05-12T09:24:58+05:30
3 05, 2022

French language in Delhi Government Schools


Delhi Government adds French language to the list of global languages being taught in Delhi Government Schools.

French language in Delhi Government Schools2022-05-03T09:47:38+05:30
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