France and India enjoy a substantive partnership at the core of which lie its people-to-people relations nurtured for decades through collaborations and exchanges. One of its manifestations is the regular rendezvous between our two countries, Bonjour India. This artistic, cultural, educational and social initiative is an Indo-French moment put together by the French cooperation network in India mainly comprising of the Embassy of France and its cultural service, Institut Français en Inde, the Alliance Française network, the Consulates of France and many others in collaboration with our Indian partners, public and private.

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City for All

The City For All is a project designed to question the design, planning and architecture of the cities and built spaces, and our interaction with them.



Rick-Show is a mobile cinema that fits within a box that can be adapted and transported on a rickshaw.


InChorus Ft. Lina Bellard

A musician from Brittany, France, harpist and singer, Lina Bellard reinvests in her work, the influences of many cultural areas.



The thematic idea for 2022 at the time of 75 years of Independence is to think about Convergence — social, political and cultural.

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