Network of 4 École normale supérieure (ENS)
Network of 7 Indian Institutes of Science, Education and Research (IISER)


Respond to societal challenges that relate globally to health (infectious diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, cancers) through a complex and multidisciplinary approach (neurosciences, genomics, ecology, bioinformatics, sports sciences, social sciences).

Ongoing Programmes - 2023

Spring and Autumn:

Call for applications for and selection of candidates for:

  • 3-6 months research internships and exchange programmes at the master’s level under the ‘Twinning Programme’ model
  • 1 year research training programme at the master’s level under the ‘Twinning Programme’ model (6 month each in France and in India)
  • Discovery and Advanced mobility programmes for faculty-researchers engaged in potential and active joint research projects respectively

Upcoming Programmes


  • Co-supervision of 2-4 PhD students as a part of joint research projects


  • Launch of co-financed industry internships

Workshops / Events

23-25th May 2023:

  • Kick-off and scientific meetings at IISER Pune with all partners, visits to other Indian partner institutions