Hampi Art Labs

Residency brief

The Hampi Art Labs, nestled within the rich cultural tapestry of south India near the UNESCO World Heritage Site Hampi, stands as a beacon for artistic exploration and collaboration. Born from a legacy of over 30 years of support for art and heritage, it was founded by Mrs. Sangita Jindal and her daughter Tarini Jindal Handa, under the patronage of the JSW Foundation.

Positioned as an interdisciplinary institution inspired by the ancient temple city of Vijayanagar, the residency embodies a commitment to fostering creativity amongst a backdrop where art, heritage and nature converge. Spanning 9 acres of lush landscape, the residency offers a serene retreat for artists seeking to immerse themselves in their practice.

The residency’s infrastructure is meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of artists, boasting grand gallery spaces, light-filled studios and cozy apartments tailored for immersive residencies. Artists are provided with cutting-edge production facilities and guidance from industry experts fostering an environment conducive to experimentation and artistic exploration.

Central to the residency’s ethos is its commitment to engaging with the local community and global visitors alike. Through a myriad of workshops, educational initiatives and collaborative ventures, residents are afforded the opportunity to share their work and partake in cross-cultural exchanges.

In essence, HAL offers a transformative experience, wherein artists are not only provided with a tranquil haven to nurture their creativity but are also encouraged to forge meaningful connections with the rich cultural heritage and crafts of the region, the local community and other resident artists.

  • Thematic focus Arts & Crafts, Visual Arts
  • Location Hampi
  • Dates From January to March 2025
  • Length of stay 3 months


HAL offers a vibrant creative ecosystem amidst lush surroundings. There are expansive studio spaces and workshops. Workshops include ceramics, printmaking, 3D printing and audio-video production, equipped with top-notch tools and equipment including pottery wheels, kilns, lithography presses along audio and video editing facilities.

Residents enjoy comfortable accommodations nestled within the serene landscape. The communal areas including a café foster collaboration and experimentation, while private studios offer space for individual projects. Gallery spaces are also available for exhibitions and interactive events with the community.

The environment inspires artistic exploration and cultural exchange. Surrounded by the remnants of the Vijayanagar Empire and the picturesque Tungabhadra River, residents find themselves immersed in a rich tapestry of history and natural beauty enriching their creative pursuits.

Residency conditions

  • The resident should be willing to give up to 20% of his/her residency time to participate in various public engagement events such as workshops, artist talks, open studios, etc. organized by HAL or the French Institute in India.
  • The resident will be provided with private and collective studio facilities as described above.
  • The resident will be provided with on-site accommodation located within the same complex as the studio space, which includes a furnished single room, with a small equipped kitchen and private bathroom. For a better understanding of the residential room: https://www.hampiartlabs.com/residentialrooms
  • The resident will be provided with three meals a day, at the café of the residency.
  • In addition, the resident will receive a fixed stipend of INR 30,000 per month to cover his/her living expenses.
  • The resident will receive a residency grant of INR 50,000 per month.
  • The resident’s travel costs to and from his/her home address will be covered by the French Institute in India.

Eligibility criteria

  • Proficiency in English is required for the applicant.