Vagamon Writers Residency

Residency brief

DC Books is one of the top ten literary publishers of India. It has played a crucial role in inculcating reading, and providing opportunities to budding writers through various programs. The Vagamon Writers Residency is a programme devised by DC Kizhakemuri Foundation and Kerala Literature Festival, a non-aligned, annual literary meet for conversation and debates from areas of varied interest. The festival is supported by DC Books. DCKF launched Vagamon Writers Residency in 2020 as literacy is the backbone of Kerala and is considered to be an essential facet of its development. Kerala became the first state in January 2016 to have achieved 100 % primary education through Athulyam, its literacy program.

Nestled among beautiful rolling hills and the verdant countryside of Vagamon, the residency can lodge an intimate and select group of writers from India and abroad. It is a space that will provide a perfect environment for a writer to pursue their writing – and also engage in stimulating ideas and discussion with like-minded residents – in a picture-perfect setting.

  • Thematic focus Literature
  • LocationVagamon, Kerala
  • Dates January - February 2024
  • Length of stay 4 to 8 weeks

Our Space

Vagamon, Kerala

Kerala, a slice of tropical paradise has attracted trade, religion, and cultures from all over the world. Its sweeping coastlines, languid backwaters, lush tea gardens, primary forests and rich spices production makes it a unique ecosystem. Vagamon is a hill station situated about 100 km away from Kochi International airport. It is neatly tucked in between the three hills of Thangal, Murugan, and Kurisumala.

Residency conditions

  • The resident will be provided with on-site accommodation. The apartment is fully furnished with attached bathrooms and wifi connection. The resident will have access to a kitchen. Despite being in a remote location, as DC Kizhakemuri Foundation runs a college nearby, hence there are stores and amenities. They will also be able to help out in transportation as well.
  • The resident’ travel costs to and from his home address will be covered by the French Institute in India.
  • The resident will receive a fixed stipend of INR. 70 000 to cover for his food and living expenses.
  • The resident should be willing to devote up to 20% of his residency time to participate in lectures, workshops, conferences in local schools, universities, and/ or other cultural activities organised by the residence, DC Books, IFI, or the Alliance Française network.
  • The resident will be requested to participate in the Kerala Literature Festival taking place mid-January.
  • The resident is expected to produce a short written piece about his experience, in a free format, that could be published in France or India and that will testify of his experience of the Residency.

Eligibility criteria

  • The resident must have a working knowledge of English.
  • The resident must have one book (minimum) published by a French publishing house.