The Knowledge Summit is the First Franco-Indian Summit for university, scientific and technological cooperation The objective of the Knowledge Summit is to design a roadmap of Franco-Indian cooperation for the next five years, in collaboration with companies. During the event, the Franco-Indian agreement regarding the bilateral acknowledgement of degrees will be co-signed and the creation of the Franco-Indian fund for Education to improve the mobility between the two countries will be created.

The first edition of the Knowledge Summit, the first high-level Franco-Indian summit on higher education, research and innovation, was organised as part of President Macron’s visit to India in March 2018. It aimed at stimulating a new dynamic in Franco-Indian relations in the academic, scientific and technological sectors. The two leaders from India and France have placed training and exchange as an essential dimension of the partnership between the two countries.

On the occasion of Knowledge Summit I, five main themes were identified as priorities:

• Smart cities: Electric Mobility/ Urban Planning and Transportation
• Aeronautics and Aerospace
• Mathematics and Information Technology
• Renewable Energies
• Agronomy and Food Processing

15 MoUs were unveiled during the summit, most of them focusing on facilitating education and research collaborations between Indian and French research institutes and companies. A significant agreement on Mutual Recognition of Academic Qualifications between the two countries was also signed.

Between March 2018 and October 2019, the Embassy of France in India has set up a series of events to enable the synergies identified during the Knowledge Summit I. The Knowledge Summit II of October 2019 will aim at implementing concrete projects in the sectors identified as priorities. It will be a vector of “transition to action” after a reflection phase of one year. The articulation of plenary sessions and round table work will establish our road map of collaborations for the next 4 to 5 years and reflect in a concise format on the concrete implementation of the projects.