Nathalie Azoulai

Nathalie Azoulai was born in the Parisian region. After going through the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Saint-Cloud, she majored and obtained her degree in modern literature.


Johana Gustawsson

Johana Gustawsson was born in Marseille, France. She has a degree in Political Science, and has worked as a journalist for French and Spanish press and television.


Fabien Chartier

Fabien Chartier is a former French teacher at St. Stephen’s College and Delhi University, now teaching English and intercultural management at the University of Rennes.


Sophie Henaff

Sophie Hénaff, born August 9, 1972, is a French journalist, novelist and translator, author of three humorous crime novels.


Estelle Billon-Spagnol

Her book La déclaration des droits des filles published by Talents Hauts is going to be translated into Bengali and Tamil in India.


Jérôme Loubry

Jérôme Loubry was born in Saint-Amand Montrond, famous for its book printing business, where his passion for writing was born.


Emmanuelle Houssais

Emmanuelle Houssais is a children's book illustrator. She lives in Nantes, in a pretty blue house just by the Loire river.


Maylis de Kerangal

Maylis de Kerangal is the author of several books in French, including Naissance d’un pont, (published in English as Birth of a Bridge).


Ananda Devi

Born in 1957 in Mauritius, Ananda Devi began to be noticed at the age of 15 when she won a prize in an international short-story competition.