Welcome to France

Like 4,500 other Indian students and over 3,10,000 international students, you have chosen France as your study destination.

Bon choix !

France is known as a romantic destination but it is also the best destination for studies:

- France is one of the world leaders in education. France invests substantial public funds in higher education and international students also benefit from this funding. State-run institutions in France do not distinguish between international and French an student, which means you will pay the same amount in fees as any French student.

- France benefits from a long, proud tradition of scientific and technological research and innovation that underpins the nation's achievements in field such as aeronautics and space, transportation, electronics, telecommunication, chemistry, biotechnologies, health and mathematics.

- France also offers a new and exciting way of life—one that you're about to experience —in which culture (music, film, theatre, festivals), history (seen through monuments), cuisine (wine, bread, cheese, from farm to table), and even geography (every city, every region is different) will contribute to the memories you will cherish throughout your life.

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