French Language Assistants in India

Objective of the programme

The main objective of this programme is to offer French students the opportunity to bring to the host Indian institution the authenticity of their language and the richness of their culture while familiarising themselves with the language and the culture of the host country.

In this framework, this programme contributes to the student mobility, at European and global level and offers them a training possibility and (often) a first professional experience, hence contributing an undeniable advantage to their French university programme.


The role of the « French language Assistant »

The role of the Assistant is to improve the communicative competence of the students (especially oral competence) and to enrich their knowledge of the French culture. The Assistant shall work with the support of the French language faculty of the host institution and may conduct class room sessions under the supervision/ advice of the faculty.

This particularity of the Assistant (youthful, still a student) allows him to encourage the students to express orally, to bring an interesting approach to the learning and to discuss sociocultural themes which may interest the students.


Duration of the posting: The French language Assistants are posted in Indian universities/ institutions for a period of 9 months.

The Assistants shall support the French faculty by ensuring one or more of the following duties:

  1. Practice of oral language skills with the students.
  2. Conversation classes with the students.
  3. Introduction of French culture and civilisation to the students.
  4. Participation in different academic activities of the institution.
  5. Participation in the organisation of students exchange programme.
  6. Initiate and encourage a language activity club/group.
  7. Eventually help the students to prepare for French language certifications: DELF/DALF – TCF.
  8. Share information about University Cooperation of the Institut Français India, especially by participating in the organisation of « French Day », in coordination with Campus France office, in order to inform all the potential candidates about the studies in France.
  9. Support the cultural exchanges. The Assistant will propose activities aiming to create students’ interest about France (debates, conversation classes, cinema club, other cultural activities) and will participate in activities organised by the host institution. Furthermore, the Assistant shall encourage the students to participate in the cultural activities organised by the French cooperation network.
  • Other roles may also be envisaged in the host institution, as per the specific local requirements.
  • The Assistant may sometimes be solicited to contribute to the production of pedagogical material (recording of videos and audios).
  • The Assistant may finally be solicited to participate in the cultural activities of the host institution or in a bigger framework.

Please Note: The French Language Assistants are not full time teachers and do not replace any Indian faculty member.


Profile of « French language Assistants in India »


Student in France in the year of depositing the candidature.


French nationality


Aged between 22 and 35 years at the time of start of the programme.


Degree holder, at the time of submitting the candidature, of at least 1st year of Master (M1) in one of the following domains: French as foreign language (FLE), Modern languages, Applied languages, Education, English, Anthropology.


Good knowledge of English. Minimum B1 level of the Common European Framework for Languages.


Partnership with the host Indian institution

Institut Français India (IFI):

Call for applications

IFI coordinates and organises the call for applications in cooperation with CIEP (International Centre for Pedagogical Studies), organisation of Ministry of Education, France.

Selection of the candidates

IFI selects the candidates according to the « post description sheet » provided by the partner host Indian institutions.

Orientation, training and follow-up

IFI organises the orientation training programme on arrival of the Assistant as well as another mid-session during the Assistant’s stay.


IFI coordinates the administrative management of the Assistant during the posting in India.


Partner Host Indian Institutions:

Post description sheet 

Provides a duly completed « post description sheet » according the needs of the host Indian institution. (model provided by IFI)


Accepts the candidate selected by IFI.


Signs an agreement with IFI to formalise all the points of this programme.

Monthly subsistence

Accepts to pay a monthly subsistence amount of 38 000 INR (thirty-eight thousand rupees) to the Assistant during his stay in the host institution.


Provides free of charge a decent furnished accommodation to the Assistant (details provided by the host institution in the Form for this purpose) during the stay of the Assistant in the host institution.


The provided accommodation must either be inside the campus of the institution or near the campus (in case the provided accommodation is not in the campus, it should not be more than 2 kms. away from the place of teaching, and if public/university transport exists for this daily travel).

On Assistant’s arrival

Organises the pick-up of the Assistant on his arrival at the airport/ railway station.


Provides a fixed time table to the Assistant on his arrival. (Between 12 to 20 hours of teaching/activities in the host institution)


Designates a person in-charge of the Assistant for all academic and administrative formalities (ex : classes, accommodation, enrolment at the local FRRO immigration office, monthly subsistence amount, bank account, etc.)


Grants one week leave[1] thrice in the academic year as per the festive periods or as per the pre-defined periods in the institution’s academic calendar.

Promotion of French language

Allow the Assistant to participate and organise activities for the promotion and for sharing his knowledge of French culture as well as the information on the possibility of higher studies in France.


Calendar 2019-20

December 2019 till February 2019

Information of programme information to Indian institutions.

Dispatch of :

  1. Descriptive of the programme
  2. Model of the « post description sheet » to the Indian institutions.
  3. Receipt of the completed « post description sheet » from the Indian institutions.
  4. Dispatch of the agreement to the host institutions.
  5. Receipt of the signed agreement from the host institutions.
  6. Call for applications in France.


  1. Receipt of candidatures.
  2. Pre-selection of candidatures by IFI.


Dispatch of the candidatures to the host institutions.

  1. Acceptance of the candidatures by the host institutions.
  2. Receipt of the invitation letter from the host institutions.


Start of the visa procedure in France.

30 July 2019

Arrival of the Assistants in India

31 July

2 August

  1. Orientation programme and training by IFI.
  2. Departure of the Assistants to the host institutions.

2 August

Installation at the host institutions.


Special cases

Candidates with dependants/ family

Indian host institutions do not offer accommodation for a spouse or a child unless mentioned otherwise.

Conditions to receive family members/ friends on campus

All Indian institutions have their regulations pertaining to receiving friends/ family on campus. Details are provided by the host institution in the « post description sheet ».

The host institution shall provide the calendar of holidays.

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