• Dr. Bertrand de Hartingh with CampusFrance India team

The Institut français believes in:

Democratization of Culture:

Cultural events are an expression of human creativity and should be accessible freely to people from all walks of life. Thus the IFI brings events of excellent quality and makes them available to everyone. Social inclusion in the cultural context is a key factor that drives our operations.

Reciprocity and promoting cultural tolerance:

Wherever the Institut français operates globally, it endeavours to cement cultural exchanges between peoples through co-productions. Whether it is in the field of exchange of artists or university exchanges, the IFI believes in reciprocity. French artists, students, researchers, editors, writers etc spend long periods in India under several exchange programmes facilitated by the IFI and their Indian partners likewise visit France under such established exchange programmes. The IFI often partners with other cultural centres and the ICCR in promoting tolerance and acceptance for other cultures, a trait that we believe is essential to the smooth functioning of personal and professional relations.

Professionalization of its personnel:

Our work force is our greatest asset and we believe that they are the true torch bearers of our activities. The IFI believes in periodically training its personnel through experts in different fields in order to upgrade their professional skills and in keeping with its mission of skills up gradation for its employees.

Réunion du réseau français en Inde 2016l:

Recently on the 26th of February Institut français en Inde organized the annual network meeting that regrouped personnel from Institut Francais en Inde, Alliances françaises network in India, French Lycées in India, Research organizations from France and various higher education institutions under one roof. During this meeting a road map for furthering Indo French cooperation in the fields of education, scientific research, cinema, book publishing, language teaching and exchange programmes, artistic exchange through specific events and projects is instrumentalized. These meetings are also a rich nurturing and training ground for personnel working within this extensive French network in India.