Teach French in India

 French Language Tutor in India: for French nationals only              

The French Language Tutors in India programme, unique in itself, is one of the important programmes of the LFR. Since 1997, the French Embassy in India selects young French university students every year who are between the age of 23 and 33 to teach French as a Foreign Language in Indian higher education institutions (universities, scientific and technological institutes...), public as well as private. The candidates for this programme must have a Masters degree in French, English literature, Social Sciences or any other related discipline and preferably a training in teaching French as a foreign or second language. The prospective Tutors are also expected to have at least B1 level of English according to the CEFRL.

Their objectives: Teaching French language, literature and civilization during 9 months, from August to April according to the Indian university calendar. The Tutors also take part and help in the organisation and management of "Journées France” (French days), in partnership with CampusFrance to promote inter-university cooperation.

The Tutors share their expertise of the French language and their knowledge of French culture with the Indian students to improve their linguistic skills. Thoroughly immersed in Indian culture for 9 months, the Tutors discover India in its various aspects. By the means of this programme, the Indian students get an opportunity to enrich their French proficiency and to learn French history and literature in a lively manner.

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