International Mobility

International mobility

The Institut français en Inde has several programmes to encourage and facilitate international mobility of students and teachers of French in India to experience the French language and culture in France. Similarly, the programmes also give support to French students and teachers to experience India. This mutual learning experience is brought forth by the following programmes:

• School exchange programmes
• Scholarship for Indian teachers
• English Language Assistants in France Programme
• French Language Tutor in India

School exchange programmes:

One of the main goals of the French Language and Education Section is to act as a bridge between Indian and French schools. The French language enjoys a wide success among the Indian schools and we actively support school exchange programmes between schools in France and in India. The scale and the diversity of theses requests have led to the establishment of blossoming partnerships throughout India and France.
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Scholarship for Indian teachers

Every year, our section offers scholarships to French language teachers to get trained in France. In 2012, more than 50 teachers benefitted from these scholarships to attend training sessions and workshops in France, namely at the University of Grenoble III (CUEF), the Institut de Touraine, at CLA Besançon and at the University of Nantes as a part of the BELC training programme of CIEP.

English Language Assistants in France Programme

The English language Assistants in France is a popular programme that gives a unique opportunity to discover the French language and culture first hand. By living and working in France, the English language assistants improve their knowledge of the French language and culture and they also are invested in sharing their English language skills by teaching at various positions in schools, colleges or training institutions.
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French Language Tutor in India: a matchless programme

The French Language Tutors in India programme, unique in itself, is one of the important programmes of the LFR. Since 1997, the French Embassy in India selects young French university students every year who are between the age of 23 and 33 to teach French as a Foreign Language in Indian higher education institutions (universities, scientific and technological institutes...), public as well as private
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